Going big with the Mona Lisa theft!

Art Crime Podcast | Season 1, Episode 1

Baker requests more details about Mara’s 6th grade fiction about Mr. Schneider the jewel thief, then “sharing is caring” about art we’d like steal and a new TV show we like to watch. We try to figure out how the Mona Lisa got so popular in the first place, Baker compares the Mona Lisa to The Beatles, then Mara deep dives into the strange and true history of Mona Lisa’s disappearance, with cameos by Pablo Picasso and Franz Kafka.

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Episode References

Nicolás Romero, Los ultimos dias de primavera (2020)
Caitlin  Winner, Kitchen (2020)
Louis Béroud, L’escalier de l’Opéra (1877)
Bridgette Thornton, hydrangeas (purchased by Mindy Kaling)

Lupin on Netflix

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