A Vermeer So Nice They Stole it Twice!

Art Crime Podcast | Season 1, Episode 8

Baker confuses didgeridoo noises for throat singing and Mara suggests he starts a YouTube channel for old ladies who knit. We go deep into the intense drama of Vermeer’s personal life and wonder how many priceless loaves of bread you could buy today in exchange for a Vermeer. Our news items are happy and sad this week; we discuss the recovery of an art theft we discussed way back in Episode 2, and then we say goodbye to the legendary art detective Charles Hill who died on February 20, 2021. RIP, Mr. Hill! Baker imagines a love triangle and betrayal lurking in the Vermeer painting, Lady Writing a Letter with Her Maid, but Mara sees something hilariously meta in it all. It’s the painting so nice, thieves stole it twice! First, by intellectual recalcitrant turned freedom fighter, Rose Dugdale and her Irish Republican Army compatriots. Next, it’s an infamous Irish career criminal nicknamed “The General”, Martin Cahill. Finally after two hits, the estate has the good sense to leave the painting’s security to the National Gallery of Ireland, where it hangs today.

Episode References

Fait d’hiver, by Jeff Koons
Lady Writing a Letter with Her Maid, by Vermeer

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