A Cézanne is No Match for Parkour!

Art Crime Podcast | Season 1, Episode 2

Baker applauds Mara’s recent improvisational marionette dance, we discuss a recent art heist in New Zealand and the conclusion of the “Gurlitt Trove” investigation. We accidentally get into a really interesting discussion about stereoscopes and trains and how they both changed the course of Impressionism. And then Mara dives into one of the coolest art heists in history when someone steals Cezanne’s painting, View of Auvers-sur-Oise. We don’t condone the theft, but we celebrate the speed, athleticism, and use of smoke canisters during the heist! 

Episode References

Cezanne’s View of Auvers-sur-Oise 
Cezanne’s The Large Bathers 
Vincent Van Gogh’s Le Jardin de Daubigny 
Camille Pissarro’s Jalais Hill, Pontoise 
Charles Frederick Goldie (1870-1947) at Art UK 

Gurlitt trove: Research on Nazi-looted art ends 
Goldie painting ‘Sleep ’tis a Gentle Thing’ stolen 
Batman #1 (1940) sold for $2.22m 

The Ashmolean 
The History of the Prestigious Paris Salon 
Van Gogh Museum’s “In Daubigny’s Footsteps” online exhibit 
Brewster’s Stereoscope 
Stereoscopy, Cézanne, and the Metapictorial Logic of Spatial Construction 
“All hail Adrian Pimento, God Emperor of Brooklyn Nine-Nine” by Alasdair Wilkins 

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