Lost Boys (1987) Rewatch

Does it hold up? You bet your vampire-fearing ass it does!

I was a little nervous to re-watch this one. Some favorite movies from my teens have been ruined by time and distance, but not this one! The effects, the costume design, the makeup, the goofy self aware one liners, a few little scares thrown in for good measure. It holds up really well!

The rest of the Tweet unrolled for your convenience…

Michael buys a motorcycle jacket from a boardwalk vendor, as one does. #livetweetinglostboys

I always wanted whatever @RealKiefer’s haircut looked like in Stand by Me and then Lost Boys and then Flatliners. AMAZING hair! #livetweetinglostboys

When grandpa scares Diane Wiest and Corey Haim, that scared the buhjeezus out of me in the theater. #livetweetinglostboys

“Maggots, Michael.”
“It’s just noodles, Michael.”

Michael has spent 5 minutes of his life with Star and already he bought a new jacket, considered getting his ear pierced, and drank blood to impress her.

Wait! I think I just heard a sound effect from Hitchcock’s The Birds. The sound when the seagull attacks, it was just used in the scene when the motorcycles swarm grandpa’s house. #livetweetinglostboys

Corey Haim singing in the bathtub is a classic movie scene in my book, the scene culminating in the quote, “My own brother, a goddamn shit-sucking vampire! You wait ’til Mom finds out, buddy!” #livetweetinglostboys

Good golly look at @RealKiefer’s hair, it’s glorious.

I think the Jim Morrison poster in the vampire lair was a set design miss. It’s a miss for me. #livetweetinglostboys

There is some amazing eyewear in this movie, great frames. #livetweetinglostboys

This might be the movie that introduced me to the rules of vampirism. #livetweetinglostboys

“Edgar and Allen Frog?” Ha. #livetweetinglostboys

They crushed the soundtrack on this, holds up 💯! #livetweetinglostboys

Kiefer bites that dude’s head like an apple, ouch. #livetweetinglostboys

Michael and Star are deeply troubled vampires, I forecast a volatile relationship. #livetweetinglostboys

More phenomenal eyewear #livetweetinglostboys

In the daytime, the vampire nest looks like it was decorated by @Anthropologie #livetweetinglostboys

Shout out to @Winter for his performance in Lost Boys during that legendary death scene! #livetweetinglostboys

That flying out of the cave backwards shot was really great, was that a miniature of the vampire den set, then match cut to a shot from a helicopter pulling back from the coast and over water? #livetweetinglostboys

“Michael, they’re HERE!” delivered perfectly by Jami Gertz, so good #livetweetinglostboys

The makeup and effects in this hold up 100%, really great work every body! #livetweetinglostboys

And then the genius character actor Barnard Hughes (RIP 🙏) delivers one of the best all-time last lines of a movie ever. Fight me! #livetweetinglostboys

Followed immediately by Roger friggin Daltry covering ‘Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me’ during the credits and it’s AMAZING! #livetweetinglostboys

Ok, that’s a wrap. It holds up really well! I genuinely enjoyed it and not just for nostalgia’s sake. Also? Lots of incredible costume design and styling, well done #livetweetinglostboys

Originally tweeted by Art Crime Podcast | ARTCRIME.blog (@artcrimepod) on March 6, 2021.