Berthe Morisot and the Political Klepto!

Art Crime Podcast | Season 1, Episode 12

Mara is distracted by Baker and his “butt ball” which is actually just Baker trying to balance on a yoga ball after way too much coffee. BERTHE MORISOT! Learn her name and please use it in equal measure in future references to French impressionists. As you might imagine, she endured all kinds of patriarchal BS. Despite that, she crushed it! She was critically acclaimed and admired by her peers. Mara tells us more about the paint and techniques used in the [to be stolen] Morisot painting, ‘Summer’s Day’ and she pronounces A LOT of French names in this episode too. Baker is baffled by the concept of ‘Queen’s consent’ which is a super dumb parliamentary thing. And finally, the theft! It’s a heist that makes a statement and forces compromise. It also serves as a warning to get your damn affairs in order before you die!

Episode References

‘Summer’s Day’ (1879), by Berthe Morisot
Berthe Morisot Exhibit (Feb 2019 to May 2019)at Dallas Museum of Art
Hanging the Laundry out to Dry, 1875, by Berthe Morisot
Self-Portrait, 1885, by Berthe Morisot
Reading, 1873, by Berthe Morisot
The Boating Party, 1893-1894, by Mary Cassatt

Ghent Altarpiece: ‘most stolen’ artwork has new €30m home in bulletproof glass | The Guardian
Revealed: police barred from searching Queen’s estates for looted artefacts | The Guardian
University of Aberdeen to repatriate looted Nigerian bronze sculpture | BBC

‘Summer’s Day’ (1879 by Morisot) Analysis| artnet
Berthe Morisot: Impressionist Original |speech by Olga Haridge
Art This Week-At the Dallas Museum of Art-Berthe Morisot | Art This Week
Erin L. Thompson, art crime professor
Closer to Van Eyck: The Ghent Altarpiece Restored

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